Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Free worms? You want free worms? Yeah, I'll give you free worms! Compost this!

That said, here's the thought process:

I've been tracking my blog traffic for a few days now and I can't believe how many people are ending up on my indoor garden page, not to mention the number of comments it has received. The more practical and hands on my posts are, the more you seem to like them... unless the data is completely lying.

So, I was thinking "Hey Matt, why can't you run more experiments for your adoring readers?" Reality struck for a moment as I realized that I'm a poor college student living in a cramped apartment... what could I possibly do?

Then I decided, why not the little things?

I already posted a theoretical design for a perfectly good indoor composter. In theory it would be light on  odor and unwanted growths like mold... but does it work in practice? You guys can help me out.

I'm going to throw up an experiments page including the worm bin and some other experiments of interest. I'll list all of the items needed for each experiment and their approximate costs. If you really want me to try an experiment, donate a dollar or two. I'll be using ChipIn, so you'll be able to see how much I still need in order to afford the experiment. (Alternatively,  you could donate the items needed for the experiment... just contact me to arrange to have them shipped or dropped off).

With the worm bin experiment I intend to test it with and without carbon filters, and I plan to test both liquid capturing systems I dreamed up: paper soaking and funnel system.

And when all is said and done--and if the experiment is actually successful--I'll be in the worm breeding "business". I should be able to harvest a handful of my worms at pretty regular intervals and send them to my loyal readers, with only the cost of a flat rate box and packing materials standing between you and a healthy helping of red wigglers. That's about $25 cheaper than actually buying them from a company... unless you count the pain and suffering caused by my incessant ramblings.

What do you think? Is it worth a dollar or two?

UPDATE: Here's the experiments page I mentioned. Check it out!

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