Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do you really want to be inspired? How about gardening in the desert?

The Permaculture Research Institute, whose forest gardening DVD I mentioned previously... wait for it... BLOWS. MY. MIND.

They've started permaculture work in Jordan where the dry and salty conditions should be all but inhospitable, but where they're having success with dates, figs, olives, pomegranates, bananas, and more. I'd think it was movie magic if I didn't know it was possible.

They have a 36ish minute video demonstrating the work they've done in Jordan, and the work that can continue to be done in order to reclaim the deserts of the Middle East.

Here's the first of four videos. You should be able to click through to part two at the end of this video. If not, go to the video on Youtube and the links are available in the side bar.

If you prefer you can watch the whole video in one go on Vimeo, but I had audio problems. Your mileage may vary.

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