Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's time to put this ol' blog to pasture. It's been fun. I've learned a lot by writing here, both about what to do, and what not to do. Unfortunately, I'm writing for such a niche audience that even I ran out of things to write about (as evidenced by my lack of writing here).

These are all topics that I'm passionate about--I'm still rocking my compost bin--but the longer I'm in this tiny apartment, the less I feel qualified to write about permaculture, et al. I'm stuck between a rock and an unsustainable place, if you will.

I'm turning inward. Doing some soul-searching. I'm developing a list of fears I have, and I'm bent on conquering them.

To that effect, I have started a new blog. The design hasn't been botched, as has accidentally been the case here (what was I thinking with this ridiculous redesign?). The tone has not yet become immature, as perhaps it has in places around here. Further, it's not lacking the direction that this blog now is. I have a clearer vision of what it is I need to write about every day.

I'm not deleting any of the content. The purpose of this blog has always been to document my path to self-sufficiency so that myself and others could use that information as a reference. I am still on my path to self-sufficiency, only now, that has less to do with plants and compost, and more to do with developing my mind, body, and soul. Feel free to continue using the information here in any way that suits you. It's my gift to the world.

If, however, you would like to read my new writing--knowing full well that it's a completely different experience--you can find me at

Perhaps I'll be back when I'm ready to write about plants and compost again. :) If not, live well.