Thursday, January 14, 2010

A few minor updates

Some things have gotten buggy in my absence, and since I've been posting more frequently, I decided it was probably best to update the ol' code to get things into tip top shape. Some things have been rearranged, some things have been added, and other things have been fixed (like the gargantuan gaps between posts, and the link to add the headline animator to your website, myspace, etc.). I've also removed the subscription options from the sidebar (which is till a bit of an eyesore) and instead added them to the bottom of each post (I've got options for RSS subscriptions, e-mail subscriptions, and becoming a fan on Facebook). Additionally, you can share each post with family, friends, colleagues, or your pet boa by clicking the Share This link under each post. Happy browsing, and stay tuned for the other updates I have planned for today.

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