Monday, March 28, 2011

Max After Earth: Excerpt From Chapter One

This post is going to be short and sweet, given my relative lack of sleep today, and my working at the day job today despite the fact that this is supposed to be my day off. Of course, short and sweet naturally precludes more cannibalism.

Instead, I'll share why I didn't get enough sleep: I was working on my novel. And by "this post is going to be short and sweet," I mean I'm not going to write much that hasn't already been written. I am, however, going to share an excerpt from my book, as I finished the first major revision of chapter one last night.

Max After Earth is a tale of unchecked human expansion and greed, where man's inventions try to save him, in spite of himself. More information about the book's progression, and more opportunities to read excerpts, can be had at the book's Facebook page.

Without further ado, I give you this excerpt from chapter one:

It is the 37th of August, 2032, a day that scientists have warned: Apophis will, undeniably, hit the Earth. As the reports go, the force of one hundred nuclear bombs will be unleashed when the massive asteroid strikes. How many will the impact itself kill? If those same reports are to be trusted, then perhaps only thirty million. Assuming there are thirty million people left to kill. Far more likely, an object of that mass entering the atmosphere will ignite the methane cloud, burning up the Earth’s oxygen, and suffocating everyone; those at the highest elevations systematically succumbing moments before those below them, as though the hand of Death itself were literally coming down the mountainside. Barring such a grandiose and instantaneous of extinctions, there are always tsunamis, toxic gasses, and, depending on where it hits, nuclear meltdown, crumbling global infrastructure, or further upset to the world’s already unstable food economy. It isn’t a question of whether everyone will die—that much is known—it is only a question of how. Read more...

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